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Dumb's Up

It seems to me that either the manufacturers of cosmetic brands like Garnier, Dove, Fa, Biotique, etc. think their female customers are rather dumb or women willingly ignore the dumb and sometimes condescending text on the labels of many cosmetic products and happily continue to buy them. Perusing my wife's cosmetics collection, I am quite amused by gems of silliness like:
  • a moisturising cream claiming to include the mysterious "Acqua" and "Sodium Chloride" among its ingredients.

  • a skin cream showing off the thoroughness of the manufacturers in certifying it to be "dermatologically tested".

  • a moisturising lotion claiming to contain the cool "HydrOxygen Complex" (peroxide? water?).

  • a herbal shampoo claiming to have "Bio Henna".
Et Cetera.

I guess women would not really get worried about these things till these vile manufacturers start sneaking in Dihydrogen Monoxide into their cosmetics!

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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