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iTunes and QuickTime

iTunes and QuickTime would probably be the applications by Apple that most non-Mac-OS-X users get exposed to and it is a shame that these applications are so frustratingly unintuitive, not to mention bloated and slow. Are these really made by the same company that is famous for putting a lot of emphasis on the usability of its hardware and software products?


  1. I also wonder why their Windows apps don't look like Windows apps. I don't understand the benefit of using a different title bar, different fonts, and different colors in their applications. Personally, I'd prefer that their applications co-exist a little better visually with Windows.

  2. For the same reason Microsoft app on Mac are so much more awful...

    Actually I don't even think it compares.

  3. Anonymous/Hubert: My rant was not so much about the look and feel of Apple applications on Windows than about the fundamental usability issues.

    For example, it's not immediately obvious how to import songs and videos that were not bought via the iTunes store. It took me a while to figure out how to rip our CDs and import the songs into an iPod and how to convert our videos in a format suitable for importing to an iPod.

    I should perhaps have clarified this in the post.

  4. With the port of Safari on Windows available, the non-Mac-OS-X user will have some more visibility of the Mac World.

    -- AKP

  5. What I've never understood is why the zero-cost downloadable Quicktime doesn't even have basic features like a full-screen mode, when other applications available in the same way do.

  6. >> I should perhaps have clarified this in the post.

    I understood what you meant in your original post about usability. Your blog just gave me a convenient place to make my somewhat related look and feel rant. :-)

  7. Ranjit

    There is a button on the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes application window which says "Import CD". Click and you are done.

    I got my mother to do that!

    Is it *that* unintutive?

    As for bloatware, I agree - coverflow may be cool but it sucks when you have less than 1 G RAM and are running applications other than iTunes.


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