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Graphic Novels

I am quite intrigued by graphic novels and look forward to reading some of them, especially those by Alan Moore. I was therefore very happy when I spotted some graphic novels in Landmark, Blossoms and Crossword here in Bangalore. The happiness was rather short-lived as I discovered that they were quite expensive. There is no way I am going to shell out 800 rupees for such a thing when I don't even know if I am going to like it and especially since many of them are in a rather battered condition probably caused by many people browsing through them but then deciding to not buy them.


  1. I can whole-heartedly endorse The Dark Knight Returns and Ronin by Frank Miller.

  2. The Dark Knight Returns looks very interesting and I vaguely remember having seen it in one of the bookshops I mention. I'll check it out the next time round. Thanks.


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