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Package-Private Access in Java and GCJ

I managed to get package-private access checking partially working again in GCJ - as Tom tromey had predicted, this did turn up a bunch of illegal accesses in libgcj that were not being caught all this while! Some of them are trivial to overcome, some not so.

Things like foo.Bar.snafu( ) still manage to slip through GCJ though if foo.Bar is a class in a different package with package-private access and snafu( ) is a method with public access. Ditto for fields.

This made me try to go through the front-end code to figure out where to make the change for checking this and Tom was proved right once again - though the parser proper is
simple to understand, the analysis stage went straight over my head and repeated attempts to comprehend it have proved futile.

That doesn't mean that I am going to give up yet, but it
does mean that I am filled with immense respect for
people who have been able to work their way through the
front-end code and actually improve it!

It also tells me how mistaken I was about my
programming capabilities. :-(

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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